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This is Duncan, my 13 year old boy that got me into breeding.  He was a rescue dog that was found in an intersection at about 9 weeks of age.  He has hip and elbow dysplasia and has had several surgeries to try and help him walk.  He had bilateral TPOs when he was 8 months old and a FHO on his right hip 3 years ago.  He had elbow surgery when he was just a year old for a FCP.  He has been on supplements since he was 6 months old and daily pain medicine since he was 8.  He is such a trooper and never complains about anything.  He has been slowing down the last few months and can still occasionally jump on my couch.  He doesn't deserve the pain he has been in all his life.  I'm happy he is still alive and it makes me happy if he can bring me a ball when I get home.  He still swims in my pond to retrieve tennis balls or bumpers or fish.  He never brings the fish back to me though.  It will break my heart the day I have to put him down because he can't walk anymore.

Duncan has recently been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.  He has been through 3 injections of Vincristine as well as some oral medications so far and has had some bad days and has lost a little weight but still bounces back like he always does.  I hope he can complete the full round of chemo so he can continue to retrieve some tennis balls.  So far the good days outway the bad ones and once he gets through the next 3 weeks OK he should have lots of good days for a while.  Duncan hasn't given up on himself and so I won't give up on him.  (updated 9/23/08)

Duncan has completed his round of chemo and is on some maintenance medications and seems to be tolerating it really well.  He is still retrieving tennis balls out of the pond and eating like his old self.  (updated 11/4/08)

My heart is now broken.  Duncan was unable to fight back anymore to everything that life had dealt him.  He was unable to stand probably due to a combination of all his leg problems and the cancer and the chemo.  I had to make the decision to put him down.  He lived 5 years longer than I ever thought he would and now he will be hugely missed.  He was such an inspiration.

Rest in Peace my friend.  7/24/95 - 11/28/08








Doc Tee's Labs would like to congratulate Quasi (aka Retro Red) on all his accomplishments on the dock in DockDogs as well as SRS, Splash Dogs and Ultimate Air Dogs.  He is a pup out of the first breeding of Trek and Nog.



Quasi set the Indoor World Record in DockDogs with a jump of 27'3"

Quasi has also set the new outdoor world record with a jump of 28'11" at the SRS Crown Championship in 2010





2 Planned Breedings for January 2011



Tribble x Kern

Doc Tee's The Trouble With Lil' Tribbles MH  x  Doc Tee's Kern Son of Mogh MH





Trek x Magic

Doc Tee's Where No Dog Has Gone Before JH  x  FC CFC CAFC Taylorslab Magic Trick MH



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