Upcoming litters


First litter: kela is due in heat at any time.


Kela                                                                    x                                      Mogh


This is a repeat breeding.  Previous litter produced pups with lots of retriever drive.  The pups will be all black and some will be tri-factored.  Kela carries yellow but mogh does not.   Mogh is a handsome 82# boy and Kela is a very pretty 60# girl.  Kela is a master hunter and mogh a junior hunter.  I did not decide to do the retriever game until he was 2 years of age and already had a lot of bad habits that i caused.  their first litter produced trek and kern.  kern will be running qualifyings this fall.  another female is running seasoned tests and another is a master jumper in dockdogs. 





Second litter:  trek is due in heat at anytime




trek                                                                       x                                 nog


this is also a repeat breeding.  all three colors are expected.  both nog and trek are about 60#.  Nog was originally purchased for dock jumping because he is an offspring of little morgan and haley who both have held the world record for distance in the past.  nog turned out to be very birdie so he has gone off to training.  He will be running master hunt test this fall.  I originally kept trek from kela and mogh's first litter because she was the leggiest female and I wanted her for agility.  she is one of those dogs that constantly needs to retrieve anything and expects you to throw anything she brings you which most of the time is trash off the floor or her favorite outside, pinecones.  I recently introduced her to birds and she is just as birdie as nog.  all the pups from the last litter are also very birdie.  all the pups were jumping big off the dock by 8 months of age.